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Silver Jewellery making, Handmade jewellery, Designer jewellery, Irish jewellery, Silver jewellery

I Live in a busy, happy and noisy house in Douglas, Cork with Mairead and our three daughters.


I Work in a peaceful, creative and music filled studio at The Courtyard in Midleton, Co. Cork.


I Make jewellery that is striking to look at and a joy to wear, using a combination of precious metals, stones and woods.


I Love the challange of others ideas and work to commission.


I am inspired by music, by sounds, shapes and interactions between materials.


My Bulgarian mother, Irish wife, Middle Eastern childhood and many years spent traveling have provided me with a rich pool of inspiration and influences.



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Silverstone Dimensions, Irish Handmade Jewellery,
The Courtyard, 8 Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 353(0)214634758
Commissions Enjoyed
Irish Jewellery Design
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